It’s A to Z April!! Such a fun event. The plan is that each day in April, aside from Sundays, is dedicated to a letter in the alphabet. Last year I had a great time, so here we go again. My plan is to stay pretty much with my usual style posts, book reviews, Thursday’s Tales, but adding the alphabet twist. Of course, some posts will probably be off-topic, but that’s okay, right. And a special thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out for starting this challenge.

A is for Aliens

You know the kind, the glowing green humanoid aliens that arrive in space ships, abduct people and carry them off to experiment on. And in America, one of the major toursits stops for alien and UFO seekers has to be Roswell, New Mexico. In the summer of 1947, an object crashed near Roswell. Some believe it was a spacecraft containing extraterrestrial life,  but the Armed Forces maintain what was recovered was debris from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named Mogul. The UFO believers maintain that its occupants were captured, and the military engaged in a cover-up. The incident has turned into a widely known pop culture phenomenon, making the name Roswell synonymous with UFOs. It is the most publicized and controversial of alleged UFO incidents and even today you can visit the UFO Museum and Research Center if you’re in the area. Rosswell is also the setting for Tower Lowe’s short mystery, In Roswell, Re-abducted.


Title: In Roswell, Re-Abducted (New Mexico Chronicles #4)

Author: Tower Lowe

Category: Mystery – Short Story

Published: July 15, 2012

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Aliens abduct Danny and force him to kill Juan, his only real friend. Or that’s what Danny thinks. Danny’s alien abduction story gets him arrested in this cozy
UFO mystery. Cinnamon, the female sleuth, and Burro, her assistant, travel through New Mexico amid alien abduction stories, drug deals, and lost love to find out if Danny is guilty or innocent. The quirky characters also provide another tantalizing clue in Cinnamon’s search for the elusive Momma.

Danny has issues. The night of the murder he was drunk, high and off his meds – he’s schizophrenic, but still a lot of folks don’t believe he could have killed Juan. Cinnamon and Burro knew Juan and liked him, so off they head to Roswell to see what really happened. It doesn’t hurt that Momma had visited Roswell. This is the first I’ve read in the series, but from what I gathered, in addition to going around New Mexico solving mysteries, Cinnamon is searching for her mother who abandoned her when she was six.

This is a short mystery, only 29 pages. It was good, but a lot was crammed into those pages. Dirty cops, drug dealing, an affair, even someone being held hostage although not by aliens. The clues are doled out, but the story took a couple of twists I didn’t see coming. It was a fun, quick read.

I wish it had been longer. I think the story and the characters could have been developed more. Maybe if I had read the mysteries in order I would have felt like I understood Cinnamon and Burro more. They seem like a couple of interesting, odd characters. Cinnamon has her obsession and Burro has visions that give the pair clues or ideas on which direction to look. I think I’ll read more of the series and I’m especially looking forward to In Gallup, Greed, which is to be a full-length novel.

New Mexico Chronicles

  1. In Dulce, Disturbed
  2. In Zuni, Zymotic
  3. In Santa Fe, Salacious
  4. In Roswell, Re-abducted
  5. In Carlsbad, Cavernous
  6. In Gallup, Greed (expected July 2013)


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