Title: The Rainbow Goblins

Author: Ul de Rico

Category: Childrens – Fantasy

First Published: 1978

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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After seven goblins try to steal it, the Rainbow is careful never again to touch the earth.

There are seven evil goblins, each a different color, who travel the land far and wide and each time they find a rainbow, they lasso it and suck out its colors, filling themselves. Up until this time the Valley of Rainbows, where rainbows are born, had been safe, but the goblins heard of the valley and travelled there. The night before their attack, they go over their plan in a nearby cave during a thunderstorm, but the roots are listening. The next day, thanks to the flowers, the rainbow survived and the goblins drowned.

On the one hand, I enjoyed this story of why rainbows never touch the ground and why there are so many beautiful, colorful birds. On the other hand, the goblins were nasty for no real reason. They don’t learn their lesson, either, they just get killed.

The illustrations, however are gorgeous. They’re reproductions of oil paintings, and they are stunning, a realistic fantasy world, if that makes sense. I can see why so many remember this book from their childhood. It’s original, both the story and the illustrations, although I don’t think it would have been a personal favorite, a little sad for me maybe.


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