Today I’m happy to welcome Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, author of The Funny Adventures of Little Nani. Today she’s telling us a little about her future plans for Little Nani.

What are Little Nani’s future plans?

When I wrote the first Little Nani story on my blog, back in February 2012, I didn’t even have in mind the idea of writing a book. But when people started asking me if I was going to write more Little Nani stories, I couldn’t resist and wrote the book. Ten funny and lovely stories that are liked both by children and adults. Indeed, Little Nani only asks her readers to have a young heart. After writing this first book and seeing how much people like Little Nani, I decided to do more things with her.

So what are my plans for the near future? First of all, I will finish the second book in the series, which will include another set of ten stories, equally funny and equally absurd. Little Nani will continue creating chaos where there is none. But who knows? Maybe she starts getting a bit better with her magic wand…

Another project I have already started is writing a series of stand-alone short stories featuring Little Nani and some others of the characters in Book One. These stories will be special. Why? Because I am writing choose-your-own-adventure stories. Yes! The reader will choose what Little Nani will do next, creating a series of possibilities for the story to finish. I think that since the books will be more interactive, the readers can get more engaged with them and like them better.

So those are the plans I have already set for the future. Are you excited? I am!

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About the Book:

Little Nani is a little girl who likes helping people. However, when she helps people the results can be a bit unexpected. Why is that? Little Nani is a witch! Or at least she wants to be a witch. With her magic wand, she will try to cast different spells to help her friends, but she won’t be successful all the time. Follow Little Nani in her funny adventures and meet her extraordinary friends. Funny ostriches, horses that love reading, super-fast turtles, grumpy zombies… Little Nani has lots of friends! You can also draw your own characters! Little Nani is willing to become a good witch. Will she manage to do it? Who knows? Read the stories and discover what happens next!

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CintaAbout the Author:

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa is a Spanish writer who has loved the written word since she discovered she was able to read books at age 5. Since then, she has become a bookworm and reads around 100 books every year. She also writes, every day, compulsively, even in the middle of the night. You cannot control when inspiration hits you, can you? She writes in English because she is convinced that in a previous life she was British, so writing in English feels more natural to her than writing in her native language. Yes, she is crazy like that. Cinta Garcia is the author of “The Funny Adventures of Little Nani”, a collection of short stories for children, and “A Foreigner in London”, a short story published on Smashwords.

Her latest book is The Funny Adventures of Little Nani.

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