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I am happy to welcome the authors of the Merry & Bright anthology to my notebook today. Some of my regular readers may know that I adore Christmas romances and am really looking forward to reading these short stories. The question they are answering today happens to be about the Hallmark movie channel and my mom and I were just talking about their movies yesterday. She loves them.

If Hallmark Channel adapted your story into a holiday movie, who would you want to play your main characters and why?

Lauren Clark: If Hallmark Channel adapted A Very Dixie Christmas into a movie, my dream cast would include Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) for PD, which may seem a unique pick, but I would want someone with natural beauty, a sense of humor, and an honest, raw quality that commands the screen. I’d love to see Chris Pine for Daniel, and not only because he’s so HOT, but the man has talent and that amazing, contagious smile. For Ella Rae, PD’s daughter, I’d choose Joey King (Crazy, Stupid Love). She’s innocent and cute, and could definitely pull off the sassy, precocious, too-smart-for-her-own-good role.

Laura Chapman: Lily Collins as Autumn. The Mortal Instruments actress has the looks and talent to do the role justice. And while she might be a year or two too young for the role, today, I have no doubt she’ll grow into it by the time we get the movie rights for Twelve Drummers Drumming squared away. Harry Judd as Tuck. This adorable Brit has the right look and musical experience as the drummer of McFly. After watching clips of his winning dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing with the Stars, I knew he had the sensitivity to portray Autumn’s leading man.

Nancy Scrofano: I absolutely love Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies, so it would be very exciting to see my story, Ice Dating, as part of their Countdown to Christmas. I would choose Melissa Joan Hart to play Quinn because she’s one of my favorite actresses, and she could definitely pull off the sass and wit of the character. She also did some ice skating in her ABC Family movie, Holiday in Handcuffs (a favorite of mine). I would choose Cameron Mathison to play Cameron. I just watched him in two Hallmark Channel movies, Window Wonderland and The Christmas Ornament, and he totally won me over. He’s awesome and gorgeous and already a Hallmark Channel star.

Libby Mercer: Because Secret Santa has a comedic feel, I decided to cast the film adaptation with some of my favorite funny people. For Abbie, I would choose Anna Faris (so underrated in my opinion!), and for Michelle and Rafael, I’d choose Elizabeth Banks (Avery from 30 Rock) and Reid Ewing (Dylan from Modern Family) respectively. We’ll just pretend Reid is a little older. Santa’s Little Helper, Trina, would be played by Taylor Swift. Why not? And just for fun, I would cast Dick Van Dyke to play Harry and Mary Tyler Moore to play Bea.

Isabella Louise Anderson: If my short story, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, was turned into a movie on the Hallmark Channel, I would love to see Isla Fisher play the part of Lexi, and Eric Dane play Sterling. Like Lexi, Isla is an attractive girl who’s sweet, a little shy, and at times, can be a little mysterious. Eric Dane is not only handsome, but masculine and rugged, and has a sensitive side, too, like Sterling.

About Merry & Bright 

Sip your eggnog, linger under the mistletoe, and make a Christmas wish. Merry & Bright brings you six tales of Christmas cheer, featuring stories of budding romances, Southern charm, lost loves, heaps of humor, and lots of pie by authors Isabella Louise Anderson, Cindy Arora, Laura Chapman, Lauren Clark, Libby Mercer, and Nancy Scrofano. From sunny Los Angeles to the Rocky Mountains to the Deep South, Merry & Bright will take you on a heartwarming adventure you’ll love to visit again and again. Wrap yourself in holiday mirth and prepare to be swept off your feet.

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