Grumpy shepherd

Title: The Grumpy Shepherd

Author: Paddie Devon

Category: Picture Book – Christmas

Published: Nov 1, 1995 by Abingdon Press

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Joram was often grumpy. ‘Same old thing every night…Stupid sheep…boring, boring!’ Even when an angel brought great news of the birth of the King, Joram could not believe it was true. But when he went to the stable, something amazing happened to grumpy Joram.

Joram the shepherd is just grumpy. Not mean, but far from happy and friendly. He’d rather nap than join in the conversation around the campfire. Then, one night, an angel shows up. Of course he’s afraid, all the shepherds are, but the angel tells them not to be scared. He tells them about the miracle happening right nearby, that the King everyone has been waiting for, the Savior, has been born. The shepherds rush off to see the new King, with Joram pulling up the read, uncertain he wants to bother. Seeing Jesus, transforms him. He becomes and sings praises¬†all the way back.

It’s a cute story. It’s got enough silly moments for kids to giggle, like when a sheep gets sat on. And while I don’t agree with everything, like the angels’ song being “Peace to all God’s friends on earth” (underlining is mine), the message is good. Jesus was born in a stable, but he is the Savior and he can change lives.

The illustrations throughout are bright and vibrant. They are fairly simple, not overly complicated, which I think works well with the story of the simple shepherds and how their world was changed.

It’s good book to read aloud during Christmas-time. It’s not my favorite of the Christmas books, but it’s one I’m glad we picked when Amber was little.



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