Muppet Sherlock Holmes

Title: Muppet Sherlock Holmes

Author: Patrick Stork

Illustrator: Amy Mebberson

Category: Comic, Comedy

Published: March 1, 2011 by BOOM Kids

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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When you remove the impossible, whatever remains is still not guaranteed to make much sense. The Great Gonzo puts on Holmes’ famous deerstalker to solve four seemingly unrelated cases with the help of his friends Dr. Watson (Fozzie) and Inspector LeStrade (Kermit). Who is the mysterious fello following them? Why does Miss Piggy keep switching roles? Where do socks come from? These questions and many more will be answered in Muppet Sherlock Holmes!

I’m not actually participating in #comicsfebruary, but Muppet Sherlock Holmes has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of weeks and I finally got time to sit down and read it. People who know me, know that this book combines two of my favorite things – Holmes and the Muppets. It’s a spoof of four of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories: The Adventure of the Speckled Band, A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red Headed League, and The Musgrove Ritual and it ends, of course, with a brief bit at Reichenbach Falls.

What can I say? It’s just pure fun, full of jokes and puns and general Muppet goofiness. I think knowing the original stories definitely added to my enjoyment, but isn’t necessary. The pictures, so important in a comic, are bright and colorful and just fit the Muppets in Victorian London thing the story’s got going on.

I was a little surprised at the choice of Gonzo as Holmes, but it worked out well. It played off of Holmes quirks. Now, miss Piggy is brilliant as Irene Adler, who is also a master of disguises, thankfully, since the Muppets really don’t have many female characters.

This one is a keeper for me. Not surprised, are you?

And the new Muppet movie, Muppets Most Wanted, comes out March 21. It’s already on my calendar.


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