I don’t actually have anything to write about today, so I did a quick search for a Friday meme to play along in and found Friday 5, so here goes.

1. What was the last computer accessory you acquired?  This isn’t actually a computer accessory, but I bought this adorable Kindle cover from iris+lily. Isn’t it just perfect for me?

kindle cover

2. What was the last clothing accessory you acquired? My pretty new scarf, which I’m wearing today. I’m in the mood for spring.

3. What was the last auto accessory you acquired? None, unless you count a new battery. I don’t really do car accessories.

4. What was the last accessory you acquired for one of your hobbies? I bought a couple of  pens the other day at CMA. I’ve been doing Zentangles at work, which is better than banging my head on my desk.


5. What was the last hair accessory you acquired? None recently. I did get it cut a couple of weeks ago at an actual salon, not in my mom’s kitchen. After attempting a trim myself, I decided it was time.

What accessories have you bought for yourself lately?


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