Here’s my plan, more or less. (SS stands for strength training/stretching; CT stands for cross-training)

training schedule 2

Since last check-in, I finished Week 8 again.

Tuesday  I ran four miles at a pace of 11:25 min/mile. Then, I did a workout from Self that uses a 10-lb weight plate. I also took the dog for a mile walk. He’s likes this cooler weather much better than the hot summer temps.

I forget what I did on Wednesday. I think I did some dumb bell exercise and some crunches.

Thursday I did 60 minutes on the recumbent bike and Friday I ran 2.8 miles at a rate of 9:46 min/mile. I didn’t run on Sunday because I ran out of time. We ended up getting last minutes tickets to the Pirates game. I did my 5 miles on Monday, instead. It was such a nice, cool evening.


Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks, Joy, for keeping me accountable.

133.5 – Aug 12, 132.5 – Aug 19, 134 – Aug 26, 132.5 – Sept 9

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