Here’s my plan, more or less. (SS stands for strength training/stretching; CT stands for cross-training)

training schedule 2

Since last check-in, I finished Week 9.

Tuesday I ran four miles at a pace of 11:18 min/mile. Then, I did the workout from Self that uses a 10-lb weight plate. I also took the dog for about a ½mile walk. He’s likes this cooler weather much better than the hot summer temps.

Wednesday I skipped, but made up for it Thursday. I went out to the gym. First I did 30 mins of the weight machines, mostly arms, then I did 50 minutes on the elliptical. I know, it was supposed to be 60 minutes, but I was feeling close on time.

I ran out of time Friday, and Sunday we went fishing, but I did my six mile run on Monday. My pace was 11:28 min/mile.

6 miles

I’m a bit sad. I went to finally register for the race I want to run in November and it’s sold out. 🙁 I didn’t think about that possibility. I had put off registering until I knew for sure I’d be able to do it – 10 miles still seems like a far way. I put my name on the waiting list, so cross your fingers for me.

Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks, Joy, for keeping me accountable.

133.5 – Aug 12, 132.5 – Aug 19, 134 – Aug 26, 132.5 – Sept 9


  • My fingers are definitely crossed for you. My friend and daughter-in-law and I all signed up for a 5k walk one time. When my friend and I signed up, the registration start time was 8am. A month later when my DIL decided to join us, the website had been updated and the time was changed but nobody sent out an email explaining the change so my friend and I showed up late. My DIL, who had waited for us, was confused by my lateness because I’m typically punctual, if not early.

    Anyway, my point is this, when we realized what had happened (and we were understandably disappointed/frustrated) the three of us decided to do the walk anyway. We drove to my neighborhood and the three of us did a 5k walk on our own. So maybe you can do that. If you can find out who else is on the waiting list, you might even be able to find some people to join you!

    • That’s neat that you guys did the walk anyway, but a shame that nobody told you the time changed. Part of my problem is I don’t really have any friends who run. My brother does – and is way better than me – but he lives a couple hours away.

  • I hope you get in to the race – most race organizers ae super understanding. And if not, maybe there’s another race you can do. I love your feature of having your plan and sharing your updates.

    • I was looking into other races. One I found that looked fun was on the Sunday though and I play the organ at our church, so I’m kind of stuck to Saturday races.

  • joyweesemoll

    Oh, that’s sad that your race got sold out. I hope you get brought off the waiting list or find something else suitable.

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