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Last week was Thanksgiving – lots of food, family, friends and little exercise. Actually, that’s not entirely true. My brother was in town and he’s good at getting me motivated. Saturday we went for a run together – he had to run way slower than he usually does, but he didn’t complain. We ended up going 7.44 miles at just under 12 mins/mile, according to his gizmo, which is the farthest I’ve run. It goes a little quicker when you have company, I think, but that’s not usually an option for me. My friends don’t run and I’m not good at making new friends.

Sunday I worked out with dumbbells at home and did some jumping jacks.

Monday I did nothing  – because I picked up my new car!! I know it’s not workout related, but I wanted to share anyway. I am so happy. This one’s windows will actually go up and down, the exhaust system doesn’t sound like a truck and it will start on cold mornings. This was it in the showroom. It’s a Honda Fit. So, if you have one and love it, tell me. If you have one and hate it, don’t mention it.

new car


Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks, Joy, for keeping me accountable.

133.5 – Aug 12, 132.5 – Aug 19, 134 – Aug 26, 132.5 – Sept 9, 131- Oct 1, 132 Oct 7


  • joyweesemoll

    Nice-looking car! Car-shopping makes for an unexpectedly long day. I don’t think I’ve managed exercise and buying a car on the same day, either. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often!

    • We actually did most of the test-driving on Black Friday. While everyone else was at the malls, we were going to dealerships. On Monday, I worked ’til 5 and then we picked up the car at 7, but between there we had to eat and pick up amber from a band thing.

  • That is a good looking car! Congratulations!!
    “So, if you have one and love it, tell me. If you have one and hate it, don’t mention it.” LOL!

    Wow! 7.44 miles is a great run!

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