I’m participating in WordPress.com’s Writing201: Poetry that finishes up this week.

“Grab your verse by both ends (or hands; your call), like a hero with extra big hair. Week 2  here we go!” Today is about heroes/heroines, ballads and  anaphora/epistrophe. This is what I came up with. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think, good or bad.

The Ballad of the New Girl

She was the new girl in town,
still a bit of a mystery.
She had a lilt in her step
and eyes full of glee

She chatted with the ladies
and danced with the fellows.
She swam in the creek a
and skipped through the meadows.

She went to the picnic
with handsome Johnny McCoy.
She thought she was in love,
but he was not a good boy.

She gave him a few liberties
and he took advantage.
She was loud and clear
and he flew into a rage.

He threatened and smacked her,
but she stood her ground.
She took care of her problem
and he was never found.

She was the new girl in town,
still a bit of a mystery.
She's not locked up.
She's stronger than she used to be.


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