Homemakers by Brit MorinHomemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation by Brit Morin
Published by William Morrow on March 3, 2015
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Genres: DIY
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
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From "Silicon Valley's Martha Stewart" comes a new manifesto for the modern homemaker in the digital age.

Over the past three generations, the rules of homemaking and our very notions of what a homemaker is and does have radically changed. We are still a nation of makers, but we are crafting and creating beyond the home, in both the analog and digital worlds. And in the next ten years, "making" and "homemaking" will evolve further. Tomorrow's women will find themselves actually manufacturing everything from decor to clothing, from right inside their homes.

In Homemakers, Brit Morin, founder of the wildly popular lifestyle brand and website Brit + Co., reimagines homemaking for the twenty-first century. While today's generation thrives in the virtual world, they like to work and create in the physical world. Morin inspires you to combine the best of analog and digital, to help you reconnect with your inner creative child-the one who used to love to draw, to build, and to play-to make your home a more creative, functional, and beautiful place.

Full of captivating, colorful spreads, step-by-step DIYs, tips, and unique ideas, Homemakers explores a range of domestic skills room by room in a house, from cooking advice in the kitchen to health and beauty tips in the bathroom. Simple, beautiful, and stylish, it offer ideas for creative living to encourage and enable the digital generation to make.

I was so excited when Homemakers showed up in the mail. It’s bright and happy; I love crafts, do-it-yourself projects, and cooking. I like her writing style and she’s fun and friendly. There are a lot of ideas and projects in the book, and it’s all presented with vibrant, colorful photographs. It’s a visually appealing book. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I’m the right audience. Some of the info I appreciate, like what type of glass to use with which wine – not that it really matters, because I usually drink it out of coffee mugs. She covers a lot of topics, from recipes to making cement serving trays, but most of the recipes were dishes I had already cook or don’t care about and most of the projects are a little  silly. Like covering a footstool with pompoms – cute but just not practical. Some of the apps she mentions might be useful and her vision of what the future will bring to our various rooms is neat, but overall I was disappointed. Maybe if I were younger or trendier or owned a sewing machine, I’d be more tempted to try the projects.

About Brit Morin

Brittany Morin (born December 6, 1985) is an American entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Brit + Co., an online DIY community/e-commerce company based in San Francisco. She serves as tech correspondent for Katie Couric’s talk show Katie and is a DIY and lifestyle contributor to the Today show.


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