Better fitness is one of my goals. To that end, I participate in the weekly Readers’ Workouts, where we post our goals, plans, workouts, etc.

Readers workouts

So, here are my steps for the week. I have been hitting my 8,000 goal consistently, even if just barely.


And here’s my current workout plan. I just finished week 10, more or less. Actually mostly less, the Easter weekend threw me off my schedule. looking at the calendar, I’m going to have to vary this a bit. I’ll do week 11 and 12, then skip 13.

training schedule 2

Tuesday – 3 ½ mile run on the sidewalk on Main Street. My GPS wasn’t working and I guessed wrong about how far. I did go out with my car later and check miles. 1 mile walk with David and the dog. Parts of this workout from Self using a 10-lb plate for 20 mins.

Wednesday – Workout from Self using a 10-lb plate and did reps instead of time to make it 30 mins

Thursday – 35 minutes on the elliptical

Saturday – 1 mile walk with the dog

I almost always listen to audiobooks while I’m walking and running. This week I’m listening to Gorky Park.

How was your week? Do holidays tend to mess up your routine too?

Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks!

This is my F post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.


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