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So, here are my steps for the week.



And here’s my current workout plan. It’s an 8-wk plan, but I’ve only got the first 4 below. I just started wk 1, so I’ve only done the first Monday’s run.


Here are the definitions they’re using:

Fat-burning run: Run for the time indicated at a pace that is 65 percent of your maximum heart rate (if using a monitor) or a five out of 10 on the perceived effort scale, i.e., a comfortable pace.

Strength training: Perform strength-training exercises, including squats, lunges, pushups, deadlifts, planks and overhead presses for the time indicated.

Sprint intervals: Perform all intervals on a steep hill or a treadmill set to a 6- to 8-percent incline. Run 10 minutes at an easy pace to warm up. Sprint up the hill for 30 seconds at a very challenging effort. Recover by jogging down the hill (or on a 0-percent incline for two minutes). Complete as many sprints as indicated. Finish the workout with another 10 minutes of easy running.

Easy run: Run at an easy pace for 20 to 45 minutes.

Rest: Take the day off from exercise. Walk or perform a gentle workout like yoga if you wish.

My week:

Tuesday – 1 mile walk with dog. 15 minutes of weights at home.

I was feeling miserable on Wednesday and then took a sick day from work on Thursday and did nothing much but lay around the house.

Thursday – ¾ mile walk with the dog.

Friday – ¾ mile walk with the dog.

Monday – 30 min run on the treadmill. 15 min ab workout.

I usually listen to a book while I’m running or walking. The week I finished Dead Wake by Eric Larson and started  Day Shift by Charlaine Harris.

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks!


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