Welcome to today’s post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. For each day, I’ll be sharing the opening paragraphs to a book that starts with that letter and is sitting on my shelves or my Kindle.

D is for Desire Me

Desire Me by Robyn DeHart


On the coast of Cornwall, 1873

Maxwell Barrett lit his lantern, then moved into the damp cave. Behind him, he could hear the waves beating against the rock that surrounded the opening of the cavern. He didn't have much time. It was that reason alone that drove him forward at this swift pace. Otherwise he would have meandered, investigation every nook and cranny he could reach. Be he only had two hours before the tide rose to once again cover the entrance to the cave

Two hours before he would drown.

Unless he had miscalculated, and then perhaps he had even less time. Either way, he needed to get in there and find the map, then get the hell to dry land.

So, what do you think? Read it soon or give it away?


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