Litte Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood by Gary Bodnar

I felt like looking at something a bit different today. This poem is a different, modern look at Little Red Riding Hood. So the image above is clearly not Little Red Riding Hood, but I thought it fit the poem.

Red Whistles at the Wolf

Red, Red’s riding in the hood
scarf on her head
lady looking good

Red, Red’s driving in the hood
convertible blush
lady’s in a rush

Lipsticked red
sunglasses red
tight dress red
retro retro red red red

Red, Red’s cruising in the hood
white hubcapped wheels
bringing those meals

Red, Red’s speeding in the hood
in her redfinned missle
gives the wolf a whistle

Red, Red’s roaring in the hood
wolf takes a jump
becomes a speed bump

Red, Red’s slowing in the hood
wolf’s now dead
don’t mess with Red

      –  Glynn Young

I love the image of Red in her convertible speeding down the road. She’s definitely sexy in her tight red dress and red lipstick. I wonder if she’s trying to attract the wolf. After she runs him over, she slows down a bit, her mission accomplished.

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