As some of you know, I play the organ and piano and my daughter plays the French horn and piano. We believe in the value of knowing how to read music. I also believe, it’s never too late to learn, but the basics of understanding music can be a daunting challenge. Whether you’re trying to teach a six year old or you’re learning for the first time at sixty years old, the process is actually somewhat similar.

While learning to read music and truly understand can be difficult, it isn’t something that’s out of the average person’s reach. The fact is that it just takes some discipline and work for most people.

Keep reading to learn more about how to understand music as a beginner no matter how old you are.

Learn to Read Music

Not every musician can read music, but most have a basic understanding of what’s on the page in front of them. If you’re just playing or learning or music for fun, you don’t need to be able to sight-read the most complex classical pieces.

Look for a book that will help you from stage 1 of beginner status to learn to read music. It can be slow going, but as you really start to grasp the basics, you’ll find that the whole process becomes easier.

Understand Music Theory

Music theory can seem very tricky from the outside, but the fact is that it’s well within your grasp. Once you’ve learned to read the basics of music, you can begin to understand why certain notes, chords and phrases are put together.

Developing an understanding of music theory will help you with learning to play an instrument and even understanding what you hear on the radio. Buying a quality music theory workbook designed for students your age and skill level is also essential.

Even singers who don’t play an instrument, or people who simply want to write music, will benefit greatly from music theory. Individuals with only a passing interest in music may find playing or listening more enjoyable once they know the basics of music theory as well.

Get a Teacher

If you’re learning to play an instrument or just want to learn more about music, getting a teacher is an ideal way to do it. For individuals who don’t want private lessons, many group lessons are available at reduced rates.

Some community colleges and for-profit schools offer classes in music and basic music theory for beginners. Investing in one of these can help you find a program that will really help you learn more about every aspect of music.




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