Painting by Lucy Deane

Today, I’m sharing another story  from Walter J. Hoffman’s book, The Menomini Indians, circa 1888. Historically, the Menomini tribe occupied a territory in upper Michigan and Wisconsin.  Today’s tale is about the sun and moon.

Once on a time Ke´so, the Sun, and his sister, Tipä´ke‘so, the Moon (“last-night sun”) lived together in a wigwam in the east. The Sun dressed himself to go hunting, took his bow and arrows and left. He was absent such a long time that when his sister came out into the sky to look for her brother she became alarmed. She traveled twenty days looking for the Sun; but finally he returned, bringing with him a bear which he had shot.

The sun’s sister still comes up into the sky and travels for twenty days; then she dies, and for four days nothing is seen of her. At the end of that time, however, she returns to life and travels twenty days more.

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