I missed my goal this week, but not by much.


This week:

So I didn’t really increase my weight training or make it to the gym this week. I did get Pilates in twice. We spent the weekend getting my mom’s basement ready for the waterproofer and carrying our stuff to the curb for the large trash pickup day, which was a lot of carrying and walking.

Tuesday – Walk with the dog
Wednesday – Walk with the dog, Pilates
Thursday – Walk with the dog
Monday – Walk with the dog, Pilates

I need to remember to take a photo of my dog on one of our walks. I forgot last week.

Meal ideas:

We ended up eating at my mom’s every day over the weekend since we were over there working. So, two of these ideas are repeats I didn’t make last week. I did make this, which was yummy.

Shrimp with penne
Corn and black bean salad
Chicken fried rice
Cookout – probably burgers

We’re going out of town for a couple days, so will be eating out then.

Year Fitness Goals:

I’m registered for a 5K on Saturday

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 26 lbs. Current: -7.4

– Run 2 5ks, 1 10K and 1 half. Completed – 1 10K

– Hit my weekly step goal (56,000 steps) for 48 weeks. Weeks completed: 20

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


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