The dog has not been up to as long walks this summer as he is in the spring. I may have to start going on my own or making him take multiple walks in a day. Saturday I took a walk by myself and one of the neighbors I rarely talk to asked where he was.

This week:

Wednesday – Swimming (which doesn’t count toward my steps. 🙁 )
Thursday – Walk
Saturday – Walk
Monday – Walk with the dog

Meal ideas:

Carolina barbecue pork tenderloin with apple slaw
Fried mushroom sub
Fish cakes with roasted veggies
Date night – either Bahama Breeze or Joe’s Crab Shack

Year Fitness Goals:

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 26 lbs.
– Run 2 5ks, 1 10K and 1 half. Completed – 1 10K; 1 5K
– Hit my weekly step goal (56,000 steps) for 48 weeks. Weeks completed: 23

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


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