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I have enjoyed many fantasy novels over the years, from the Narnia series to The Lord of the Rings to Claire North’s Gameshouse trilogy. Why are all my favorite fantasies series? Does it give the author more time to fully develop the world, to make me fall in love with the place and the characters?

One of my favorites is City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett, the second of the Divine Cities. (I haven’t read the third entry yet. I own it, but I’m a little afraid of what’s going to happen.)

A couple of bits from my review last year:

“Our main character this time around is retired General Turyin Mulagesh. she may be one of my favorite heroines. She’s over-50, an alcoholic, one-armed (due to an incident in Stairs), a bit lonely, and full of regrets. But, man, she is tough and smart and caring and tenacious and totally capable of killing you in multiple ways. She is awesome, period.”

“There are losses and betrayals and grief. Characters I love are hurt. These soldiers and spies have done the best they can over the years, made tough choices, some right, some wrong. They’ve fought and killed and suffered, and they don’t get any breaks here in Voortyashtan. The young and innocent and idealistic are not the heroes here. Those who have lived and lost and keep going regardless are the ones who carry the day, who have the needed resolve.”

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