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I’m always concerned when they make movies from my favorite books. Chances are they’re going to change it, or pick the wrong actors, or cut out bits I love. Once in a while, the movie is better, The Shining and Casino Royale jump to mind, but in general that’s not the case.

While the Fox and O’Hare series are not on my list of favorite books, they are enjoyable and I think would make good movies. You have a pretty, sexy FBI Agent Kate O’Hare and a handsome, sexy con man, Nick Fox who have to work together to bring down whoever – evil banker, drug dealer, terrorist, a bad guy of some sort. The scams are always convoluted with plenty of quirky characters, the occasional explosion and chase scenes. I’m picturing funny action-y movies to watch on date night with plenty of popcorn.


Who’s your favorite book you wish they made a movie of? Join in at Maureen’s Books.


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