The Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge hosted by Bev at My Reader’s Block was fun, if difficult. I actually failed at the basic premise of the challenge, to have one mystery lead you to the next. I found clues that connected the stories, but only afterward. Anyway, here’s my misdemeanor case, even though it should probably be called a mistrial.

A significant scene in Two Days Gone at a lighthouse and a lighthouse is featured on the cover of Game of Mirrors.

Game of Mirrors takes place in Italy as does Earthly Remains.

Boats and water feature prominently in Earthly Remains as they do in Dead Tide.

There are pirates in Dead Tide and in The Freedom Broker.

The siblings in The Freedom Broker are on opposite sides as they are to an extent in Persons Unknown.

The victim in Persons Unknown was stabbed as was the victim in Murder on the Orient Express.

The victim in Murder on the Orient Express died in his bed, as did the victim in Death at Breakfast. They were also both kidnappers – and GUILTY.

Two Days Gone    



  • Hmm, I’ve never seen any other challenges like this. I would have been tempted to give it a go given how unique it seems to me. That said, I think I too would have fallen and at the first hurdle.

    I’m loving the new look to your blog by the way, it looks so professional.

    • Thanks for the comment about the new look. My mom found it confusing and my husband forgot what it looked like before. So you and my daughter are my positive comments.

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