I actually made my steps this week!!

Fitbit Week

This week’s activities:

Tuesday – Walk with the dog, Elliptical
Wednesday – Lunges
Thursday – Lunges, Elliptical
Friday – Jumping jacks
Sunday – Jumping jacks
Monday – Jumping jacks, Pilates

Goals for December:

Gym – 4 times (Done: 0)
Pilates – 12 times (Done: 1)
#Starcember – 3/4 so far

This week’s dinners:

This week’s dinners were not terribly healthy.

Tuesday – Kielbasa and macaroni and cheese
Wednesday – Chips, coleslaw, apple turnover (church)
Thursday – Spaghetti
Friday – Fried chicken and scalloped potatoes
Saturday – Chicken tenders and cheese fries (restaurant)
Sunday – Hot dog and soup (church)
Monday – Chicken nuggets and fries

Meal ideas for next week:

Chicken fajitas
Hawaiian chicken

Year Fitness Goals:

So, I’ve failed at these, but we’ll see by how much at the end of the year. And think what my goals should be for next year.

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 26 lbs. (Currently at -15.6)
– Run 2 5ks, 1 10K and 1 half. Completed – 1 10K; 1 5K (The half I was planning on doing got cancelled.)
– Hit my weekly step goal (56,000 steps) for 48 weeks. Weeks completed: 31

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog.


  1. Woo Hoo on your steps! I’m impressed that you’re doing lunges, elliptical and jumping jacks. They are just not my things. I bought a brand new elliptical a few years ago and probably haven’t used it an hour. My 8 yr. old grandson loves it though so I guess the money wasn’t wasted.

    1. I was going to have fajitas last night, but my daughter’s stomach has been on edge and she requested plain pasta, so of course I had to make it. I put some cheese and sauce on my husband’s and mine, but who am I to ever turn down pasta?

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