If you’re like me, you’re always trying to eat healthier – and failing more often than not. One thing to consider is putting organic foods in your diet. Organic foods are healthy, tasty, and easy to find in your local grocery store. Prices may be a little higher than non-organic foods, but the health benefits are well-worth the difference.

Over the last decade, organic foods have become very popular because of their numerous health benefits. You can now find a variety of organic food items from fresh produce to organic crackers in most grocery stores. Whether you’re making a simple green or fruit salad, a family dinner for the kids, or freshly baked deserts to calm your sweet tooth, you can cook and prepare food with healthy organic ingredients.

When you see food labels that say “organic,” it refers to how products are grown and processed by manufacturers. In America, all organic crops like lettuce, tomatoes, corn, wheat, vegetables, and fruit must be grown without certain toxic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and genes that are synthetically engineered (GMOs). Animals that are raised for meats, eggs, and dairy products must be raised on organic feed without animal by-products. They can’t be given any growth hormones to plump them up or synthetic antibiotics which often contribute to resistant strains of harmful bacteria. Organic livestock must be treated humanely. They can’t be kept in cramped cages, and they must be allowed to go outdoors to feed naturally.

Organic foods offer many health benefits that conventionally-grown foods do not:

* More Antioxidants – Foods with antioxidants help to fight illness and disease. Many people with allergies find that their allergies improve with organic foods.

* More Nutrients – Organic meats and dairy products contain up to 50 percent more nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic meats and dairy products.

* Fewer Chemicals and Preservatives – Conventional agriculture methods commonly use insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides that leave a residue on foods.

* Fresher Ingredients and Taste – Although organic foods have a shorter expiration, they taste fresher and cleaner without chemicals and preservatives.

Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks like organic crackers and fruit or ways to make healthier family meals, consider the numerous health benefits of organic foods.


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