I used to work in insurance and one question we often got asked is did we have any roofing contractors we could recommend. We never recommended anyone in particular, but there are some tips to keep in mind when selecting roofing contractors in your area to make sure you get the best roofing services you need.

Make Sure The Roofing Contractor Is Properly Insured

The roofing contractor needs to have adequate liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Ask to see their certificates as proof and call their insurance company to confirm their policies are valid. If a contractor works on your roof without the proper insurance and an accident or damage occurs, you could be left having to paying for it.

Hire A Local Contractor

Be sure to choose a local roofing contractor. That means they are not only operating locally currently, but also have an established reputation and business in the local community.

Don’t Hire A Roofing Contractor Based Only On Price

Don’t ever hire a company only based on the price they charge. Cheap bids will have a hard time covering the costs of adequate insurance and overhead, so there is a good chance that corners will be cut to make up for the cheap price.

You can always find someone who works out of their truck or on the side who will do roofing work cheaper that a legitimate professional contractor. However, in the longer run, you end up getting what you pay for. Many customers who end up going with the cheapest price, often end up having to spend more money to fix things later, without a warranty or workmanship guarantee which a reputable roofing company will offer on their work. So, they end up spending more than they would have if they had gone with a reputable roofing contractor in the first place.

Get The Details Of The Job In Writing

Make sure all of the details such as start and complete dates, prices for materials and labor, guarantee and warranties, payment terms and all other important details of your roofing job are in writing before agreeing to anything.

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