So, one of my Facebook groups is doing a Game-a-Day Challenge for August. I find Challenges like that a little hard to keep track of on Facebook. I know it’s surprising, but I’m used to using blog posts for things like that. 🙂 Here’s my list of games. The names will link to BoardGameGeek, in case you want more info. There is no carryover from playing multiple games a previous day. Solo games count as 1 play with others; this is to encourage play with others and because solo games tend to play faster. If you miss a day, you’re eliminated.

  1. Yahtzee
  2. Welcome To…
  3. Ticket to Ride
  4. Wordsy
  5. Wingspan
  6. Clank! 
  7. Scrabble
  8. Terraforming Mars
  9. Lords of Waterdeep
  10. Enigma
  11. Ascension: Dreamscape
  12. Islebound
  13. Exit: The Abandoned Cabin
  14. Forbidden Island
  15. Ramen Fury
  16. Mysterium
  17. Wingspan
  18. Spirit Island
  19. Quarriors!
  20. Small World
  21. Castles of Mad King Ludwig
  22. Tri-Ominos
  23. The Mind
  24. Kingsburg
  25. Yahtzee
  26. Wordsy
  27. Ascension: Dreamscape
  28. Wingspan

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