So, I was looking for a non-fiction reading challenge for next year, mostly because that’s the only way I read non-fiction. The Femibooks Non-Fiction Reading Challenge looks perfect.

I love the variety of categories. My goal will actually be 12 books, but since the categories can overlap, I’m not sure how many of the 24 I’ll cover.

Edited: So there’s no rules and this year I’m apparently focusing on happiness, I may have multiple personal development books rather than trying to cover as many categories as possible.

  1. Released in 2020: Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun
  2. Memoir from a writer who is still alive: Becoming by Michelle Obama
  3. About history: The Radium Girls by Kate Moore
  4. About personal development: The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky
  5. About personal development: Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriele Oettingen

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