Thanks to Deb at Readerbuzz for hosting The Sunday Salon. Stop over there or at the Facebook Group to participate.

Week’s Highlight:

Amber and I went to the Carnegie Natural History/Art Museum on Monday. We had a nice day. On the way up we stopped and had lunch with David and saw their new offices (which I didn’t get any photos of.)


I finished Orlando for my Classics Club Spin. Hopefully, I’ll have my thoughts up later today.

Readathin starts February 1st. This is the first time I’ll be participating, but the goal is to Thin Your TBR. There are book prompts and a photo challenge.

This week’s posts:


We played Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates! for the first time the other night. It will probably end up being called Pirate Race. You’re all trying to get to the Spanish Fleet in Trinidad, but also want to stop and pick up treasure and rescue or kidnap pirates along the way. It plays up to 6 people and is pretty light-hearted. Of course, I may have liked it because I won.

Looking forward to:

There’s nothing really on the calendar for the near future. We take Amber back to college next Sunday.


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