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Reading is a fundamental skill that can help your children strengthen their vocabulary, improve memory, encourage analytical skills, and help them become proficient writers. Many young people may find reading a fun and relaxing activity, though some may lack the desire to read. Here are four ways to encourage your children to read.  

1. Read With Your Child

One of the best ways to get preschoolers interested in reading is to read to them. Spending some time reading to your child each day, and especially before bed, can instill a love of reading in your young one. We read with Amber every evening until she was around 10.

2. Purchase a Special Book

Having a special book based entirely around your child can make his or her interest level in reading grow. A personalized ABC book can get your children excited to read a book that has their name and special information about them in it.

3. Write a Story

Sit with your children and write a story together. Have them help you come up with characters and a story about them. Being able to be a part of creating a story they can then read to others, can engage your youngsters in a love of reading.

4. Create a Special Reading Space

Create a comfortable and relaxing reading space in your home using pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals that your little ones can snuggle up with while they read. Or maybe you can make a small fort or tent in a room that your children can go in when they want to spend some quiet time reading. Creating a pleasant space to relax in can encourage your child to spend time reading each day.

Reading is an essential skill that will help young people flourish and thrive throughout their lives. Every child is different, so do not give up if your child seems disinterested in reading. There are many enjoyable and creative ways to make reading fun!

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