Sleigh Spells by Bella FallsSleigh Spells by Bella Falls
Narrator: Johanna Parker
Series: Winter Witches of Holiday Haven #1, Aurora Hart #1
Published by Tantor Audio on October 26, 2021
Source: Purchased
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romance
Length: 6 hrs 10 mins
Pages: 252
Format: Audiobook
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Have yourself a very Merry Witchmas in Holiday Haven, where the magic and mystery of Christmas is snow joke!

Aurora Hart hates everything Christmas, but how could she turn down the opportunity to serve one year of probation in Holiday Haven versus a full sentence for her crimes? Saddled with a talking squirrel roommate, Aurora is doing her best to keep a low profile as she bides her time. Everything is going fine…until Santa’s sleigh gets stolen.

Now, all eyes are on her and the other town Humbugs, and it’s up to Aurora to keep her behind from ending up back in jail. With the help of a very important person from the North Pole, she finds herself hot on the trail of the real culprit. But it will take her having to do something she’s never done before—accepting new friends and their assistance. Only then will Aurora be able to turn not only her own life around but also Christmas for the entire world!

Will Aurora be able to solve the mystery of who stole Santa’s sleigh in time? Or will the culprit get the final sleigh?

Mystery, magic, and romance at Christmas – Sleigh Spells is such a fun, sugary book. Aurora has a bit of a history, but serving probation in Holiday Haven has given her a fresh start. I love Holiday Haven. It’s one of the towns near the North Pole and it is all about Christmas, even more so when the holiday is just days away. Then Santa’s sleigh goes missing and none other than Mrs. Claus asks Aurora to investigate.

Aurora is a witch, but wary of her magic — ice and especially fire can cause plenty of damage. She makes several new friends, most of whom are a little magical. My personal favorite is Nutty, her roommate who is a talking squirrel and also on probation, for stealing nuts of course. She also has a potential love interest. It’s nice to see Aurora have a group of people she can rely on for help, it’s something she hasn’t had before in her life.

The mystery is cute, even though we’re pretty sure early on who the thief is. The fun is seeing Aurora and her gang solve it and figure out how to prove it.

Sleigh Bells was a perfect book to read with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.

About Bella Falls

Bella Falls grew up on the magic of sweet tea, barbecue, and hot and humid Southern days. She met her husband at college over an argument of how to properly pronounce the word pecan (for the record, it should be pea-cawn, and they taste amazing in a pie). Although she’s had the privilege of living all over the States and the world, her heart still beats to the rhythm of the cicadas on a hot summer’s evening.

Now, she’s taken her love of the South and woven it into a world where magic and mystery aren’t the only Charms.


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