A Distant Voice by Matthew Costello and Neil RichardsA Distant Voice by Matthew Costello, Neil Richards
Narrator: Nathaniel Parker
Series: Mydworth Mysteries #9
Published by Lübbe Audio on September 10, 2021
Source: Purchased
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Historical Mystery
Length: 3 hrs 34 mins
Pages: 130
Format: Audiobook
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It's Midsummer in Mydworth - and celebrated medium Bellamy Smythe is in town with his lucrative supernatural show, claiming he can contact the departed. Still deep in mourning from the loss of her father in the Great War, spinster Alice Wetherby is desperate to make contact with 'The Other Side' and Smythe is happy to oblige - even though Alice is quite broke. Suspecting that Alice is being played, Harry and Kat investigate. As the Midsummer festivities intensify, they find themselves in a game of high stakes deception and clever tricks, where nothing is what it seems, and everyone is a suspect...

I’ve listened to all of the Mydworth mysteries and thoroughly enjoyed A Distant Voice. It is well-written and fast-paced. I like Kat and Harry. They make a good pair and are both more than competent.

We know Bellamy Smythe is a fraud. Alice Wetherby is his target, but the question is why. She clearly has no money. Kat and Harry have been asked by a friend to make sure Smythe isn’t out to defraud Alice. Of course, he is but proving it is another matter. They don’t just want Bellamy, either, they want to know how he is getting his information about the townspeople. How, why, and who all need answers.

It’s an entertaining book. It takes a bit of research, some questioning, and a minor breaking and entering, for Harry and Kat to find the answers. There’s a bit of danger involved, as always, but nothing our couple can’t handle.

About Matthew Costello

Matthew Costello was born in 1948 and writes novels and nonfictional works as author and coauthor. Some of his books have been adapted into film versions and he wrote for some TV channels like the BBC. He also scripts and designs videogames.

About Neil Richards

Neil Richards has worked as a producer and writer in TV and film, creating scripts for BBC, Disney, and Channel 4, and earning numerous Bafta nominations along the way. He’s also written script and story for over 20 video games including The Da Vinci Code and Starship Titanic, co-written with Douglas Adams, and consults around the world on digital storytelling. His writing partnership with NYC-based Matt Costello goes back to the late 90’s and the two have written many hours of TV together and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries.

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