The Mystery of Montague Morgan by Karen Baugh MenuhinThe Mystery of Montague Morgan by Karen Baugh Menuhin
Narrator: Sam Dewhurst-Phillips
Series: Heathcliff Lennox #7
Published by Little Dog Publishing Ltd on July 8, 2022
Source: Author
Genres: Historical Mystery
Length: 8 hrs 24 mins
Pages: 256
Format: Audiobook
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Ladies man, dandy, charming rogue, thief. Montague Morgan has a buccaneering reputation and he doesn't give a damn – until he falls in love. He has a plan, he needs money and he knows how to get it. He and his lover conspire to escape to exotic lands with stolen gold. But the gold belongs to dangerous people and plans can go awry. Morgan disappears, has he escaped, or has he fallen prey to lethal retribution?

Lennox's friend, ex Chief Inspector Swift is embroiled, and Lennox steps in to help, but his wedding is fixed for Christmas Eve and it's only a few days away. As the mystery around Montague Morgan deepens, so the tension rises...

I have been reading/listening to this series since the beginning and always enjoy them. Lennox, our sleuth, is a war hero who is now one of those gentlemen who have money but not a job, so of course, he solves mysteries. This time around he’s helping his friend, retired Scotland Yard Detective Swift. Swift’s family makes whiskey, but their broker has disappeared, with their money. The mystery leads the pair to an island where they get snowed in with a group of people – one of whom is a murderer. Oh, and they have to solve the case quickly so Lennox can make it to his Christmas Eve wedding.

I enjoyed the story, but I’m already invested in Lennox and Swift. There are a lot of characters, from the friends staying at the house to the staff, and the plot was rather convoluted. We got love affairs and murder and smuggling and plenty of secrets. I guess there was maybe too much going on for me to really care. Swift is not his usual rational self, which made sense given how worried he was, but still annoyed me. Lennox is his usual charming, sometimes clueless.

The Mystery of Montague Morgan was fine, but definitely not my favorite of the series. I’m looking forward to the next though. Hopefully, Persi, Lennox’s new wife, will be along for the adventure.

About Karen Baugh Menuhin

At 60, Karen Baugh Menuhin decided to write, and suddenly the stories came pouring out, along with the characters. Eccentric Uncles, stalwart butlers, idiosyncratic servants, machinating Countesses, and the hapless Major Heathcliff Lennox.

An itinerate traveller all her life, she grew up in the military, often on RAF bases but preferring to be in the countryside when they could.

She is living and writing in the Cotswolds with her dear husband Krov. Krov is a professional writer, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, professional diver, pilot, ex US special forces soldier, and the eldest son of violinist, Yehudi Menuhin.


  • Loving the simplicity of this cover. Not sure this is a book or indeed series that particularly appeals to me however that you are so invested in the characters is something of a plus. Glad you are enjoying the books even if this instalment wasn’t your favourite. Do you think this is because, book 7, the series is starting to get tired or was it just that it didn’t appeal/satisfy as much as the previous books had done?

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