The Snowman Killer by Wendy MeadowsThe Snowman Killer by Wendy Meadows
Series: Alaska Cozy Mystery #1
Published by the author on May 25, 2017
Source: Freebie
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 142
Format: eBook
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This winter cozy mystery series can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.

Sarah Garland, a retired homicide detective who’s gone through a painful divorce, seems to have found her peace at last, as a coffeeshop owner, in the sleepy (and freezing) small town of Snow Falls, Alaska. What she didn’t expect, was for her past life to catch up with her. Or, for her new life as a mystery writer to inspire a deadly killer to target her.

Yet, when the killer leaves a frightening clue-a creepy snowman, donning a leather jacket and eating a peppermint candy cane, left in front of her cabin-Sarah begins to suspect Conrad Spencer, the new detective in town, who is pursuing a murderer of his own. Soon, it becomes obvious that the sleuths would have to join forces, in order to catch the killer.

Sarah and Conrad must put their tragic pasts behind them and find out who’s after her…before the trail becomes frozen.

I have to admit I was less than impressed by the beginning of The Snowman Killer. It was a bit confusing at first. Sarah, a former homicide detective, has moved to a small town in Alaska for a fresh start. She now owns a coffee shop and writes mystery stories under a pseudonym. But someone is using the plot of her own book to threaten her. And there’s a new detective in town who knows more about her than she’s comfortable with.

Once I settled into the story though it was enjoyable enough. The plot moves along quickly and takes some twists and turns or jumps depending on how you look at it. There are several characters to keep straight and we don’t really get to know them well because it is so short. It was free, which was nice too. As a series, it has potential. I’ll probably at least give the next one a read.

About Wendy Meadows

Wendy Meadows is a passionate Cozy Mystery Author whose stories showcase witty women sleuths and engaging plots. To date, she has published dozens of books, which include her popular Sweetfern Harbor Series, Maple Hill Series, and Alaska Cozy Series, to name a few.

In a previous life, Wendy worked as a Graphic Designer, earning her Graphic Design Certification at the prestigious New York based Sessions School of Design. With this valuable artistic background, she designs her own book covers. In fact, she began writing fiction soon after designing numerous book covers for other fiction authors.

When she isn’t writing about amateur sleuths and their tactful crime solving, you can find Wendy either tending to her hobby farm, playing video games, or relaxing on her back porch. She also loves spending quality time with her husband, two sons, two mini pigs, and one adorable Labradoodle. Together, they call “The Granite State” home sweet home.


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