Treats, Tricks, and Trespassing by Kathleen SuzetteTreats, Tricks, and Trespassing by Kathleen Suzette
Series: A Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mystery
Published by Independently Published on August 7, 2023
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Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 194
Format: eBook
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In the whimsical town of Pumpkin Hollow, where every day is Halloween, sisters and local business owners Mia and Christy run The Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store. Beyond the counter filled with jars of candy corn, chocolate pumpkins, and gummy ghoul displays, the sisters share an unexpected solving the quirky town’s most puzzling crimes.

With Halloween approaching, Mia and Christy find themselves wrapped in a sinister mystery when a victim is discovered in “The House of Horrors,” an abandoned, cobweb-laden mansion that haunts the minds of the town’s residents. Known for the rumors about its chilling history and eerie aura, the mansion was the last place they expected to find a case, yet now it’s at the center of a perplexing puzzle.

As the countdown to Halloween begins, Mia and Christy must unravel a web of secrets as dark as the chocolate they dip their candy apples in. With clues hidden amongst the town’s eccentric characters and the clock ticking, the sisters must navigate the labyrinth of Halloween decorations and candy-coated chaos before the killer strikes again.

Tricks, Treats, and Trespassing is a wickedly sweet tale full of humor, heart, and a sprinkle of mystery. Mia and Christy will discover that their town’s love of Halloween is not just about the scares, it’s about the strength of the community, even in the face of an unfathomable murder. If you love enchanting settings, quirky characters, and mysteries as captivating as a bag of trick-or-treat candy, then you’ll enjoy this spellbinding Halloween adventure.

The Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mysteries pick up where Pumpkin Hollow Mysteries left off six years earlier. Pumpkin Hollow Candy Store Mysteries are clean cozy mysteries.

Treats, Tricks, and Trespassing picks up six years after the Pumpkin Hollow Mysteries left off. I haven’t read any of the Pumpkin Hollow books, but this sounded like a perfect Halloween-ish read, so I picked it up. The author does a good job of introducing the characters, although there are a lot of them. The town itself is fun and quirky, embracing Halloween all year round.

Mia and Christy are candy makers and have a cute shop in town. When a local woman is killed in the abandoned mansion, Mia’s husband, Detective Ethan Banks, is put in charge of the case, but Mia and Christy decide to do some snooping, and trespassing, on their own.

I didn’t love the characters, maybe because I didn’t know them well. The mystery was okay, with several suspects and a good mix of clues and red herrings.

It was fun enough as a seasonal read, but probably not a series I’d pick up outside of October.

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