The Taste of Datura by Lorenzo Petruzziell

The Taste of Datura by Lorenzo PetruzziellThe Taste of Datura by Lorenzo Petruzziello
Published by Magnusmade on April 2, 2024
Source: Partners in Crime Tours
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 370
Format: eBook
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An alluring affair in Napoli.

Nick seeks the value of an antique bracelet in his possession. He encounters Laura, an amateur medium cursed by uncontrollable visions. With Laura’s help, Nick closes in on the origin of his treasure. But as the word gets out, the quest puts them both in danger.

A noir-inspired story ensnared by mystery, myth, and murder; all under a watchful eye shadowing Italy’s vibrant city of Napoli.

The Taste of Datura is set in Naples and does a fabulous job of bringing the city to life – the place, food, people, and some of the mythology. Nick is in Naples when he is contacted by a black market dealer about a bracelet he has in his possession. Turns out there are several people interested in the bracelet, which makes Nick curious about its history and meaning. I was not in love with Nick. I didn’t quite understand what his profession was, if he had one. He’s resourceful and stubborn but has little common sense when pretty women are involved.

The book is fast-paced with plenty of action, violence, and tension. We’ve also got a touch of the paranormal, too, with Laura who is a medium. Her visions center around the bracelet and the people touched by it. She’s nice but a little too trusting for my taste.

The mystery here is why the bracelet is so important and who is willing to kill for it. I was surprised by the twist at the end and the epilogue was also a nice touch. It was a touch Indiana Jones with its historical artifact and race around the city, and in that it was a bit over the top.

About Lorenzo Petruzziello

Lorenzo holds degrees in International Marketing and Economics, with a background in global marketing for the entertainment and life sciences industries. He writes in his spare time, drawing inspiration from his frequent trips to Italy, his first dating back to his childhood. THE TASTE OF DATURA is Lorenzo’s third book.

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