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Robyn DeHart was kind enough to take some time out of her schedule to answer a few questions for me. I loved her book, Seduce Me, and posted my comments about it earlier today. Keep reading for a chance to win your own copy.

Robyn, thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions. I really appreciate it.

Well, thank you, Carol, for having me.

What draws you to writing romance? Why historical romance in particular?

Well, the simple answer is because that’s what I love to read – historical romance, in particular. Aside from that I think it has to do with just how I see the world. I’m an optimist at heart and a romantic and I believe whole-heartedly in the redemptive power of love. And there’s something so compelling about boy meets girl and they lived happily ever after, especially when you’re talking about that once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. I think romance is powerful storytelling, it goes back to mythology and fairy tales. Those ancient storylines that just tug on something deep inside you. It’s just good stuff and I’m honored to a part of this business.

What inspires your writing? Where do you get your ideas?

My deadlines inspire my writing. (Where’s that cheesy drum roll when you need it?) I think a lot of the inspiration comes from that stuff I was talking about above, but even before I started reading and writing romance, I wrote. Bad poetry, angst-ridden short stories, okay so I wasn’t a good writer, but I wrote. It’s just part of who I am, I guess it’s that storytelling inside me that compels me to write. That’s probably a lame answer. As for where I get my ideas, well, I don’t ever feel like I have an interesting answer to that question. I’ve gotten ideas from song lyrics, movies, and news. More often than not though I get my ideas on the phone while brainstorming with my critique partner.

Seduce Me is the first in the Legend Hunters Series. Can you tell us a little about the legend hunters?

Archaeology was quite popular among the aristocracy in Victorian England and I wanted to write a series about these guys who chased myths and treasures. And I wanted to do so in the vein of Indiana Jones, you know that action-adventure romantic feel. You know the best way I can describe it is to use the blurb I used when I wrote the proposal for the series:

There is a gentleman’s club near St. James St., a luxurious one with all the accoutrements one would expect from such a fine establishment; fine liquors, exotic cigars, gaming and a comfortable chair in which to read the daily papers. Solomon’s is by invitation only and those invitations are not extended without exceedingly careful consideration. Because in this club is a secret room where secret meetings occur. And in these secret meetings some of London’s finest gentlemen gather to discuss their passions; their obsessions.

Some are scholars, some collectors, some treasure-hunters, but each of them are after the find of the century. Meet the Legend Hunters…

What made you choose Pandora’s Box to start the series?

When I was brainstorming my list of legends, it was honestly the first one that came to mind. When we think about the forbidden, and ancient treasures that are intriguing and full of mystery, it seemed the perfect place to start. And it certainly helps that Pandora’s Box has sexy connotations which worked well for a romance because it created built-in sexual tension, a crucial element to a romance novel.

On another note, what authors and/or books do you absolutely love?

Teresa Medeiros, JK Rowling, JD Robb, Jim Butcher, Suzanne Enoch, Amanda Quick, Allison Brennan, Suz Brockmann, Stephanie Bond, Celeste Bradley and I could go on and on.

What are you reading right now?

A Silhouette Romantic Suspense from last summer called Heart of a Thief by Gail Barrett and it’s great so far. I read a lot of romantic suspense while I’m working on my own books since I won’t read other historical romance during that time.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today? If you could ask your readers one question, what would it be?

Anything else to share…hmmm….get thee to your local book store and pick up a copy of  Seduce Me, I promise you won’t regret it.  

What to ask readers – that’s a good question. What makes a keeper for you? What are those books you hold close to your chest and sigh and want to hold onto it forever?

Thanks again for having me.

Thank you, Robyn.

The giveaway:

Thanks to the Hachette Book Group, I’ve got five copies of Robyn’s book, Seduce Me, to give away. To enter, just leave me a comment below by August 17, preferably telling what makes a book a “keeper” for you.  As always, I’ll give up to two entries for sharing this giveaway somewhere, somehow, just make sure to let me know. I’ll also give anyone who makes a comment on the post below, my thoughts about the book, an extra entry. Sorry, but this one’s open to the US and Canada only, no PO Boxes, and you need to be 18 or older to enter. I’ll announce the winners on August 18.

The tour:

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