I love Christmas lights, and happily my husband does too. He hung ours outside the Saturday after Thanksgiving and they’ll be lit every night through New Years. Some evenings during the month we take a little extra time and drive through some of the neighborhoods in our town that tend to have the best light displays, oohing and aahing appropriately.

The lights highlight of the season though has to be our annual trip down to Oglebay’s Festival of Lights in Wheeling, WV. This year, David and I, along with Amber and one of her friends, headed down. It’s been a busy month, so we went on a Saturday evening, maybe not the best choice, since it was packed, but that’s okay.

It’s a six mile drive with over 70 displays, some old favorites like the the poinsettia wreath and snowflake arches and some brand new this year, like the carousel. There’s Snoopy and Poinsettia wreathCinderella, goofy golfers and giant snowmen. The gardens, beautiful in the spring in summer with living flowers come to life in the dead of winter with light tulips and hanging baskets.

Of course, we have to listen to Christmas music during the drive. This year’s soundtrack was The Brian Setzer Orchestra and John Denver and the Muppets, at least until David switched over to the Penguins game.

There are several shops along the route. This year we stopped in the gourmet food one and picked up chocolate-covered pretzels for the ride home. Yum.

Our visit always end at the life-size nativity. From what I understand, it was designed and created by a local artist and has been part of the display since it opened in 1985.

December is busy and fun, but it’s important for us to take time to do the things that make the season special.


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