Readers’ Workouts – 10/11


Here are my steps for the week. I did really lousy this week.



My current plan is to do cardio on Tuesday (60 mins), upper body on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday (60 mins), a total body workout on Friday, cardio on Saturday (60+ mins), and a core workout on Monday. I’m also trying to do a 10 minute-ish Pilates workout each day. None of which I did this week. Any advice on getting back on track?

Saturday –  Dance class

Sunday – Walk with the dog

Monday – Walk with the dog

I usually listen to a book while I’m walking, jogging, whatever. This week I’m not listening to anything- that might be part of my problem.

I’m challenging myself to eat no junk food, but apparently I have no self control. I only got three stars this week. 🙁

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog .


  1. For me it’s doughnuts….or wine…but otherwise I have been staying on the straight and narrow with good meals. I think you did well with steps even if you are used to getting more. Keep at it!!

  2. joyweesemoll

    Junk food is easier for me to abstain than be moderate about. I wish that weren’t so and, every once in a while, I act as if I’ve forgotten that principle — but I usually regret it.

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