As I mentioned the other day, I have been crazy busy lately, between graduation stuff, new job and now this week my husband’s out of town. I did manage to hit my step goal this week, but that’s about all I’ve been doing, aside from eating way too much pasta. All graduation parties around here are pasta heavy. Is it that way everywhere?


Current Audiobook:

(It is Readers Workouts after all)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser

Meal ideas for next week:

Sloppy joes with zucchini apple hash
Chicken parmesan soup
Sweet and sour pork
Chicken tacos

2018 Fitness Goals:

Since I totally lost track for like a month, there’s no way I’m going to hit these goals.

– Lose weight. Goal – Lose 25 lbs. (I have made no progress on this. Any suggestions? I know eat better and exercise, but any ideas on how to actually accomplish that?)
– Run 4 races of any length
– Hit my weekly step goal (average 8,000 steps/day) for 36 weeks. (Current total: 12)

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog


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