An Implacable Woman by K.T. Findlay

An Implacable Woman by K.T. FindlayAn Implacable Woman by K.T. Findlay
Series: Sally Mellors #2
Published by the author Source: Rachel's Random Resources
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 270
Format: eBook
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If a tooth costs a tooth and an eye costs an eye

When a man hits his wife, then it’s his turn to die

Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…

But Grace Kirby isn’t the only one who needs saving and Sally quickly discovers she’s taken on a much bigger job than she’d thought.

With her unique ability to blend justice with fun, Sally sets joyfully about the business of removing the monsters from women’s lives, but is she in danger of becoming a monster herself?

As her friends in the police get ever closer, Sally has some serious questions of her own to answer.

An Implacable Woman is the second of the Sally Mellors books, and I really think it’s best to read the first, A Thoughtful Woman, before starting this one. It will give you a fuller picture of Sally and her friends and Sally’s ruthlessness.

An Implacable Woman was not as good as the first. We have Sally being the vigilante again, this time tracking down and killing men who abuse their wives. Sally’s friends still feature in the book, one being the very cop who is still trying to catch “Selina,” from Sally’s last outing. The cops are not very competent. Yes, this is the 80s, but they solved a lot of crimes then, even without cell phones and DNA analysis. I bet Jessica Fletcher would have no trouble figuring out who the killer on the loose was.

I think, even though the way she killed was different this time around, it still felt too similar to the first. Sally kills some men, then has to outrace, outmaneuver the cops by leading them on a chase through the woodland paths and small-town roads. She definitely comes closer to getting caught and her plans were less developed, but overall it didn’t feel like much of a change from the first. I take that back, Sally’s become less cautious, more likely to let her emotions take over.

Sally is a serial killer. She may be nice and friendly and have justice at the heart of what she does, but she is killing way too many people for this small a town.

About K.T. Findlay

K.T. Findlay lives on a small farm where he dovetails his writing with fighting the blackberry and convincing the quadbike that killing its rider isn’t a vital part of its job description.


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