Hopefully, I’ll have my review up for 13 1/2 by Nevada Barr later this week, but I did want to share this tidbit with you. 

Polly was not given to the accumulation of worldly goods, but, had anyone gone through her house, they would have seen pictures of children and friends, letters from students, invitation accepted and declined, calendars marked with upcoming events, hand-drawn birthday cards, inscribed book, awards, diplomas, notes on bulletin boards—a short history of Polly Marchand in three dimensions. (pg. 237)

Polly is contrasting her house with another woman’s apartment.

In Red’s plethora of objects nothing that spoke of her heart had surfaced, only evidence of compulsion, addiction, and depression. But for the cigar box, there was no indication that anyone had touched her life—or that she had touched the life of another. (pg. 237)

It made me wonder what a stranger would think if they went through my house. Would they know who and what were important to me? I think for the most part, the answer is yes. I was going to post a picture of my fridge, but my computer’s on the fritz and my pictures aren’t on this one. Anyway, it’s got stuff all over it – church, family, a friend’s band’s magnet, book stuff, magnets from places we’ve been, etc. It’s actually a little surprising how much could be learned about me just by glancing around my home, not even snooping through my things. What would a stranger know about you from your stuff?

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