I ran across a mention of a board game in a book I’m reading this week, so I though I’d share.

The next afternoon Harriet didn’t get home until five o’clock. She had purposely Stayed away all day, first following her spy route, then playing Monopoly with Janie and Sport. The game had made her irritable because she hated to sit still for that long. Janie and Sport loved it. Janie had all sorts of systems worked out for winning, and Sport was so passionate about money that they were kept continually interested, but Harriet couldn’t keep her mind on it. (pg. 135, Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh)

I can understand where Harriet’s coming from . Monopoly can leave me irritated too. It can be such a long game, and I never, ever win. On the other hand, I do think it’s a game that every family should own a copy of .

There are just some classic games that are great for families to have. Some I love, some I don’t. Sorry, Battleship, Life, Scrabble and Trouble are all favorites at our house. They’re easy to find at stores, don’t cost too much, are they’re a lot of fun to play together. All right, Scrabble’s one of my favorites not necessarily anyone else’s, and I don’t like Life but Amber does. We’ve also been playing Mancala, which seems simpler than it is.

I think that a game night, sitting around the table, talking, laughing, playing, is a great way to spend time with kids, friends, family, anyone.


  • We have game night at house as well. It is a great way to share time with kids. We have some favorite card games as well like Spite and Malice and concentration. I’m not a fan of Monopoly but my son loves it and has several versions-Star Wars, Major League baseball. I haven’t read Harriet the Spy for years-i’ll have to go back and reread it.

  • Love Monopoly, Scrabble, Trouble, Sorry, Operation, Battleship, Life, and Yahtzee are all everyday favorites in our house, as well as Candyland. Aidan still enjoys that one.

  • stacybuckeye

    I don’t think I’ve ever won Monopoly either and I’ve played many times over the years! I used to like Life, but I probably wouldn’t like it now.

  • We love game nights and can’t wait for the kids to get big enough to enjoy it so much more! Though I will admit, my husband has led me to hate Monopoly!!! I avoid that game like the plague!! 🙂

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