First, I’ve got a couple of winners to announce. Congrats to the winners of The Knight Life: “Chivalry Ain’t Dead” by Keith Knight.

I hope it gives you a laugh or two.

David’s team won their softball game on Friday. I think that makes their record 4-2. Amber and I have decided that if David’s going to get in shape, we need to too, so she started going to a kid’s class at a local gym three times a week. I figure I can workout while she’s in class. So far, we’re really enjoying it.

And our pool’s open now. Amber can actually touch the bottom this year. She and David were swimming Saturday and Sunday, but the water’s still a little cold for me. I ended up weeding the garden, a major task right now. We kind of let it get a little overgrown. I imagine the two little bunnies that are living in the backyard are going to love the garden, if they ever figure out how to get in. They are adorable, but the dog isn’t sure why they don’t seem afraid of him. They don’t hop away like he’s used to bunnies doing.

Looking ahead, I should have another giveaway up by the end of the week. This time it’ll be a romance, Montana Destiny by R. C. Ryan, which I’m currently reading. Only one book found it’s way into my mailbox this week, Proust’s Overcoat by Lorenza Foschini. I’m looking forward to reading it soon.

This coming Friday and Saturday, we’ll be participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. If you would like to donate, you can do so on-line. Amber’s hoping to stay at the track overnight this year with one of her friends.

So, what’s up for you this week?


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