If I was…
a month I’d be December
a day of the week I’d be Wednesday
a time of the day I’d be mid-afternoon

If I was…
a sea animal I’d be an otter
a direction I’d be South
a piece of furniture I’d be a big comfy armchair
a liquid I’d be hot chocolate

If I was…
a gemstone I’d be a sapphire
a tree I’d be an oak
a tool I’d be a hammer
a kind of weather I’d be sunny

If I was…
a musical instrument I’d be a piano
a color I’d be purple
an emotion I’d be content
a fruit I’d be an apple

If I was…
a food I’d be spaghetti
a material I’d be wool
a scent I’d be peppermint
a flavor I’d be banana

If I was…
a sound I’d be a chuckle
an element I’d be earth
a mammal I’d be a fox
a phase of the moon I’d be a crescent

If I was…
a berry I’d be a blackberry
a bird I’d be a red-winged blackbird
a book I’d be My Many Colored Days
a place I’d be home

I stole this from Ryan over at Wordsmithonia, whose blog is a regular stop for me.


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