Sunday was our anniversary and we hadn’t really planned on doing anything, but David got tickets from work for the Saturday Pitt-Rutgers game. It was my first, and probably only, time in Heinz Field and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Of course, it helped that we were in a suite – comfy chairs, lots of room, free food, private bathroom. That’s the way to see a game.

The view of the field.
A view of the back of the suite, where the food and fridge were.

I don’t have any good pictures of the comfy seats we watched the game from, but needless to say they were much nicer than the seats I’m used to. We opened the window at the front since it was such a gorgeous day.

This weekend was also the celebration of our church’s 175th anniversary. We went to a covered dish Saturday, with a hymn sing and reminiscing, then Sunday was a really nice service. Amber had a part in it, representing the future of the church I guess. Here’s a picture, thanks to David’s dad.

She’s actually holding the church’s founder’s Bible from 1825.

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the pumpkin patch, but I forgot my camera so no photos. Hopefully we’ll make our jack-o-lanterns later this week and I’ll snap some pictures of that. It’s always an event – pumpkin guts can just be nasty. I should roast some of the seeds though, that would be yummy.

How was your weekend?


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