I’m not going to tell you that the writing in Silver and Spice was mesmerizing. I can’t say that the plot was terribly unique, and, to be honest, the characters bordered on stereotypical. But I truly enjoyed the story. It’s about friendship, love, and trust wrapped up in a cute romance.

The first chapter sets the stage perfectly. Uptight, too perfect banker Anne Blake is being more or less stalked at a party by sexy Jake Rivard. He undoes her buttons, pulls pins out of her hair and keeps catching her eye. While she is annoyed, she seems to be enjoying the attention at the same time. Later, we learn that she and Jake have been friends since childhood and lovers at two points in their adult lives. Both times, Jake left on an adventure, leaving Anne hurt. She’s determined not to let it happen again, but of course can’t resist him. And this time, Jake’s serious. He’s wants to marry Anne, the only woman he’s ever truly loved, heart and soul. And he’s got a two week trip with her to Idaho’s Silver Vally to convince her that even though they seem like opposites, they are meant for each other.

It’s a romance, there’s no doubt that it will end with a happily ever after, but it was a sweet story and a bit sexy. It’s not a typical they fall into bed in the first two chapters and then the love develops, though. These two truly love each other, have forever, and Jake knows that they will be perfect together for the long haul. He’s loving, patient with Anne, but determined to make her understand that their lives can be compatible, that they can make it last, that her “safe home” is him, not a building in Grosse Pointe.

It’s a light, quick romance. There’s no bad guy, no issues to overcome, except Anne learning to trust and understand Jake, to see him as a three-dimensional person, not the fly-by-night risk-taker she has always assumed him to be. It’s just a sweet little story.

Re-issued November 1, 2010 by Carina Press
358 KB

3 out of 5 stars

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Challenge: Romance

I received my e-book from the publisher via NetGalley for review and the above is my honest opinion.


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