I’m actually combining yesterday’s topic and today’s. I just never got around to posting yesterday’s, even though I had a decent start on it. I got home after work and got started doing stuff around there and just forgot. I did make some delicious zucchini bread though.

So, reading and blogging. It’s actually rather sad. I read less now than I did when I began this blog. Some of my reading time has been taken over my computer time. On the other hand, that’s a good thing, since I get to talk more about the stories I love or hate and books in general. I guess most things are a trade-off.

I definitely read more “new” books now, and books that aren’t as mainstream. In the past, most of my books came from the library, and, while some still do, now I get ARCs, galleys, recently published books galore. And have added three times that amount to my to-read list. I’ve tried new authors I probably never would have heard of, and new genres too, like the occasional graphic novel.

I’m trying to think of three blogging tips that are tried and true, at least for me.

  1. Have fun! That’s the most important for me. Enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise why do it?
  2. Schedule ahead. I don’t manage it very often, but I do like to have posts scheduled in advance. It takes away some of the pressure.
  3. Read other blogs and comment. There are so many benefits to this, from forming friendships with other bloggers, finding books you’ll love, to learning new things or finding suggestions/ideas that really grab you.

I don’t think I’ve adopted any new tools recently. Actually, I’m trying to do a “Where I’m Reading” map on Google, but haven’t gotten it to where I’m willing to share yet. I also really like the idea of week-long events- now if only I could come up with some creative ideas for one.

What about you? What tips do you have to share?


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