Photo credit (Looking at this photo, all I can imagine is how much it would hurt to step on theose little pieces in the middle of the night.) A is for A-Z April. That’s right, the challenge for this month is an alphabet theme. Each day, except Sundays, will focus on a letter of the alphabet. Tomorrow, for example, will be B is for Borneo Tom. It should be a fun month. I’ve got a couple of things planned, a giveaway or two, some reviews, my standard Thusday’s Tales, but they’ll still go along with the letter of the day. Some letters I have no idea for yet, though.

April’s just a lovely month overall. spring is officially here. The flowers are blooming, and I think we can start planting in the gardens. Easter’s next weekend, with and my husband’s birthday is the following.

And I can’t forget the 24- hour Readathon. Luckily, S is for Stay Awake.


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