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Today’s Top Ten, hosted at The Broke and the Bookish, is a rewind. It’s a chance to go back and pick a topic that’s already been done. I chose the Top Ten Chracters (and Literary Figures) That I’d Name My Children After.  There is actually a reason this topic caught my eye. While I won’t be having any more children, I do know several people who are pregnant, including both of my sisters-in-law, so baby names have been being tossed around a little.

Top Ten Characters (and Literary Figures) That I’d Name My Children After

  1. Agatha – Based on two women, Agatha Christie, one of my favorite authors, and Agatha Troy from Ngaio Marsh’s series. It’s slightly old-fashioned, but to me denotes creativity and a willingness to step outside of the expected.
  2. EdmundThe Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all time favorite books, and Edmund Dumas has to be one of the great characters in literature.
  3. Claudia – Remember From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler? Claudia is the girl who runs away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  4. Corwin – He’s a fascinating character, a prince of Amber who is a brilliant strategist, has a sense of humor, is haughty but might have a soft heart too. From Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber. And yes my daughter’s name is Amber, but I hadn’t heard of Zelazny’s series, let alone read it, when she was born.
  5. Miranda – She’s the daughter in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, beautiful, naive, and the name just seems magical to me.
  6. James – I was thinking of James Bond, who I’m pretty sure just about every boy would like to grow up to be. Of course, James Joyce is not a bad choice to name a child after either.
  7. RebeccaRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is imaginative and intelligent, high-spirited and charming. And I think Becca is a cute shortened version.
  8. Arthur – Alright, I would prefer Sherlock, but who could saddle a kid with that name? I’ll go with the author instead of the character.
  9. Scarlett – I don’t even have to tell you what book she’s from. She’s passionate and memorable.
  10. Collins – I loved Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone, but Wilkie is just not a good name, and I can’t remember any of the character’s names.

What names would be on your list?


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